Ira Rosen Wall Art

Ira Rosen is a photography artist who's mainly known for his Stadium Views that he's supplied to diverse print companies and limited editions for framing industry. He's a William Paterson University graduate, having earned a Communications degree from the institution. Rosen started capturing stadiums in 1986 when his wife requested him to carry with him a camera to a game pitting the New York Mets against Houston Astros at the Shea Stadium in New York. He continued capturing stadium views and at one point he felt that they were saleable, inspiring him to start Stadium Views, Inc., in 1990. Later in 1998, after selling several of them to different customers, the company decided to go into licensing. This saw the company create working relationships with several companies and has so far worked with Ata-Boy, Aerial Views, Technicraft and Webshots. It's in 2001 that his first book, "Blue Skies, Green Fields: A Celebration of 50 Major League Baseball Stadiums" that featured an assortment of stadium photographs, including action and still images, was published by Clarkson Potter. One of his creative works was also featured in the 15th Anniversary Special Edition DVD of Field of Dreams in 2004. He's received both television and movie credits for his works and his creative pieces continue to sell in different quarters. In 2006, HarperCollins published his second book called "The American Game: A Celebration of Minor League Baseball." The book is quite comprehensive and contains photographs of stadiums, players, the Minor League Experience, as well as interviews.

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