Thierry Poncelet Art Prints

Residing in Monaco, Mr. Poncelet calls his portraits "aristochiens" or "aristochats" and his paintings are eagerly bought up by the aristocracy in Europe and even royalty. "Most of the crowned heads of Europe have bought them, and people with ancestral portraits of their own, who sprinkle the aristochiens among them," says the owner of a London art gallery in a New York Times article. Born in Brussels, in 1946, Mr. Poncelet spent his childhood in Manche en Famenne, a small town in Belgium. At a young age, his grandmother, who was a well-known portrait painter, encouraged him to paint and draw. Mr. Poncelet is an entirely self-taught oil painter, although he studied drawing at St. Luc School. After his education he spent a few years working for a picture restorer at the studio of a well known painter, Max Massot. During this time, he learned the technique of painting restoration. However, his love of painting soon outgrew his interest in restoration, and he decided to become a full time oil painter, specializing in whimsical dog portraits.

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