Kate Mawdsley Wall Art

Kate Mawdsley (Born in 1957) was born and brought up in Lancashire. She now resides in East Anglia in a converted barn, with her two dogs, and her husband who’s a thriving graphic designer. Even at a young age when she was still in a kindergarten, she preferred to play with paint, pencils and paper rather than toys like other children. She maintained her interest in art throughout her education, and her dream was to become an artist who’s known internationally. Her endeavors culminated with her gaining a Bachelor of Arts Hons Degree in Textiles and Fashion. She recently undertook a course on the History of Modern Art at Cambridge University which has inspired many of her more recent posters, prints and art. After completing her degree, she spent the first decade of her career in the fashion industry.

Here her work was exceptional and she made quite a number of acquaintances. In the early 1990s, the artist began progressively to move into more illustrative work to create kitchenware, greetings cards, and general paper products. Her collection and repertoire have expanded each year and her prints, posters and art can now be seen on products ranging from cross-stitch to mugs, and from tableware to fabrics. Kate's prints, posters and art are inspired by Impressionist and pre-Raphaelite artists. She has concentrated specifically on wild flowers, animals, and other depictions of the natural world. Her two dogs often feature in her work. She works mainly in water-color or gouache and concentrates on design work.

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