Bill Philip Wall Art

Bill Philip (Born in 1946) was born and brought up in Scotland and the Lake District. He had a dream of becoming an artist in his adulthood. From his childhood he was influenced by the power of the mountains, landscape, seas and lochs that surrounded his childhood homes and these influences are clearly seen in much of his work today. To fulfill his childhood dream, Philip originally trained as a professional photographer at the University of Westminster where he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Art Photography. Due to his extensive experience working in photography and his hard work, he was appointed the Director of Arts at City of Westminster College. He worked here for several years until recently that he decided to leave the education line and to develop his passion for fine art and landscape photography.

Philip has exhibited regularly and all his exhibitions have been very successful. He uses a combination of digital technology and traditional photographic skills. His art has been seen around the world in many galleries and in both private and corporate collections. His photographs are purchased by private galleries, collectors, architects corporate clients, and interior designers He has exhibited widely and his work has been published both in Scotland and abroad. Philip’s art can be used to decorate any space that’s why they are popular with people of all ages. His client base is very wide and covers the whole world. He has been a great source of inspiration to many upcoming artists.

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