Rob Hefferan Wall Art

Rob Hefferan (Born in 1968) was born in Manchester. He was a real free spirit from the very beginning. When he decided to follow an artistic career he found discouragement in almost every corner. However, he got encouragement from his art teacher who recognized that even though his drawings of dinosaurs were rather childish, they were special in a way. Hefferan ignored the advice of his elders and gained a place at university to study for a degree in illustration, but after a year he began to feel constrained by the limitations of the course and decided to go it alone. Hefferan spent a whole year putting together a portfolio; a process that was quite challenging. He then set out to find work using his talent and design skills to finance his dream of being an artist.

Being an exceptionally versatile illustrator and designer, he was able to win quite a number of major contracts, ranging from providing the artwork for children’s books to high profile advertising campaigns, and soon Hefferan found himself in the rewarding position of making good amount of money from doing something that he really enjoyed. However, Hefferan never allowed his huge success to divert his attention from his original aim of becoming a full time artist, so he continued to spend much of his spare time painting. His work changes and grows as he meets new challenges and absorbs a broad range of influences. He’s always on the lookout for new styles and techniques to help improve his work.

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