Lucy Barnard Wall Art

Lucy Barnard did "A" level art and an Art Foundation course both in Cheltenham. After that she obtained a degree in Illustration in Exeter. She’s an incredible illustrator who creates beautiful pieces for lots of different uses. From unique designs for greeting cards to adorable animal characters for children’s book publications and inspirational artwork for art licensing. She’s a woman of many talents it would seem. She came from an artistic family and her grandmother was a fantastic influence for her, very inspirational and a real character. Lucy attended the Slade School of Art when she was young and says those whom she interacted with are also a great influence to her art. Her mother and her sisters are also very creative artists.

No one specific thing drives her, she thinks she’s just a creative person and gets inspiration from many places and people all around her. She still does her work by hand and starts with sketches and then uses acrylic or oil and often finishes with colored pencils. The artist feels that she still has a lot to learn and that her art will develop and grow as she gains more experience. That’s why she’s a faithful visitor to art galleries and museums. Lucy would like to experiment with the computer as another tool and she hopes to start some bigger paintings on canvas too. She tries to keep herself up to date with the modern trends – scaling up as most of her works are on a smaller scale at the moment.

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