Kathleen Norris Cook Wall Art

Award-winning author and photographer Kathleen Norris was born in Louisiana. She studied at Mississippi College and obtained a degree in Fine Arts. After her graduation, she spent 13 years working as a commercial artist. Her intern years were spent in Atlanta and Dallas. Her photography career began while she was living in Arizona. Kathleen never had any formal training in photography but her experience in the advertising field and her education endowed her with an eye for photography. After months of persistently studying lighting and how it affects the landscape, Kathleen felt she was armed enough to become a photographer. She was so much impressed when her photograph of Toroweap Overlook got published as a full page pictorial in the Arizona Highways Magazine in their November 1978 issue. After that, she got engaged in several assignments, and she quickly became known as a legitimate commercial and landscape photographer.

She has received numerous awards since and has managed to attract some choice clients including: Hewlett Packard, Eastman Kodak, E&J Gallo. She also has several private clients and various Tourism Boards who purchase her works worldwide. Some of her advertising clients include: Ford, General Motors, and American Airlines. Kathleen is a major contributor to the National Park Service and Sierra Club Publications. Specializing in panoramic landscape and medium format photography, the artist captures dramatic outdoor scenes. She has an eye for lighthouse photography, though her specialty is on photographing the natural environment. Kathleen has also published 4 books, including Spirit of the San Juans, a national award-winning coffee table book.
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Freedom - Explore the Wonders of Nature
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