Beverly Lopez Wall Art

Beverly Lopez (Born 1922) was born in Pelham, NY. He was an artist who was known for his extraordinary talent for sculpture, painting and commercial art work. His artistic prowess emerged early under the tutelage of artists Berthold Nebele James and Earl Frazier and his mother Grace Lopez. Throughout his career, he received many awards for his art and especially sculptures. Lopez worked as a commercial artist for many companies throughout his career including the Danbury Mint, Scafa Tournabene, and Grinnel Lithographers, creating various commercial pieces from paintings, to statuettes, plates and greeting cards. In 1952, Lopez was commissioned by Roland Harriman to sculpt pieces for the Hall of Fame of the Trotter Museum in Goshen in New York. Lopez received the Pinnacle Award from the Hall of Fame in acknowledgment of his lifelong contribution to horses. The relationship between him and the hall of fame continued for the next 62 years with drivers, over 60 horses, and owners' sculptures now on display.

He was the son of Grace Farrington Lopez, a renowned sculptress/artist, and Havana Cigar Manufacturer Manuel Lopez. Lopez’s grandfather was a famous horseman and breeder in New York City and his great grandfather was legendary mid-19th century New York City real estate mogul, patriarch of the Pinkney/Watt family and Shetland pony importer. His aunt, Annie Keator, was a long-time Weston resident and benefactor. Early in his life, he acquired a love for art and horses that would shape his life’s work. His career interests date back to childhood and his family’s involvement with horses for a long time.

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