Lene Alston Casey Wall Art

Lene Alston Casey is an American artist who specializes in oil painting. She began her painting back in 1989 as a hobby, but has since transformed it into a career from which she earns her living. Her love for painting developed over time, expanding her skills through practical experience and research on oil painting. She studied painting during summer through which she met Egidio Antonaccio, a renowned painter who further inspired her. Casey’s works display her love for gardening since most of them capture beautiful gardens with beautiful fountains, plants, and water bodies. There is something about Casey that so many people admire; and that's her artistic ability to realistically display details and light effects such as shadows and reflections. She has enhanced her skills over the years and has brushed shoulders with renowned realist landscapists in the US state of North Carolina, including Edward Szmyd.

Casey was born in Littleton, North Carolina. She studied at Salem College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, before proceeding to the University of North Carolina where she later graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Education. After receiving her bachelor's, she briefly taught art in junior high schools in New Jersey and North Carolina. She then took time off teaching to pursue further education in New York City where she studied interior design at the New York University and Parson's School of Design. She later worked actively as an interior designer in the South with a number of firms. She also served as the senior designer and the vice president at the Hilton Head Interiors. Due to her active involvement in arts and design, she has been a professional member of The American Society of Interior Designers. Casey’s works have been printed on post cards and a host of other media. She still remains a notable figure in arts, acting as an interior design consultant.

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