Robert Dunahay Wall Art

Robert Dunahay is an American artist who was born in the U.S. Currently, he works and lives in Palm Springs, California. His contemporary paintings deal with subjects ranging from swaths of luxurious fabric front to palm trees and focuses on bold hued backgrounds that help to elevate the subjects from ordinary images in our day to day lives to a symbolic platform on the canvas that’s worthy of deeper reflection, confrontation and wonder. He spent his early career in New York City, where he earned a living by practicing carpentry before he headed west to the beautiful land where he decided to become a full time painter. His art is collected worldwide by distinguished patrons including Monica Baroness Von Neumann of Switzerland, the Royal Family Al Thani of Qatar, and celebrities Kelsey Grammer, Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton.

His art is in the collection of Weisman Museum of Art, Malibu, Palm Springs Art Museum, Peninsula Museum of Art, Vanguard Properties, Disney Hotels, Orlando, Ditech Communications, Mountain View, etc. The artist is mostly known for his Palm Series of artwork that depict large scale palm trees in vivacious colors. He depicts his subject in a style of face-to-face portraiture on a solid background; this means he replaces the conventional references to landscape with iconography’s transcendentalism. His work is part of the corporate collections of The Financial Times, Pepperdine University, the W Hotel and The Packard Foundation. For him, palm trees are unique, and each is painted individually in photo-realist style from his imagination. Characteristics are sometimes blended in several tree species from native locations of San Francisco, Miami and Hawaii.

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