Albert Fennell Art Prints

Albert Fennell, (1950 - 29 July 2002) was born in San Diego, California. His talent was evident at about the age of five when he started drawing greatly detailed pictures of his favorite cartoon character. As a sixth-grader a landscape painting that he did in tempera paint was selected in a district-wide competition and exhibited in the San Diego Museum of Art. He went on to study Fine Art at the San Diego Community College and Commercial Art at the San Diego City Community College. Following active duty in the Navy Reserve, Fennell held positions as an Art Director and Designer, all the time working as a fine artist and developing his unique style. His work covers a variety of subject matters reveling in the strength, beauty and diversity of his race. In a statement about his work, the artist says, "through my work, I strive to create a path of communication among all people by drawing and painting the truth, pride, beauty and compassion I see in them everyday. I thank God for the talent given to me and for affording me the opportunity to share it”.

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