Joe Cornish Wall Art

Joe Cornish (Born 1958) is a photographer from Britain known for his large format landscapes. He was born in Exeter, Devon, England, and he graduated from University of Reading in 1980 with a Bachelors degree in Fine Art and then went to America to train as an assistant photographer. He moved to London 1982 where he worked first as a freelance assistant before he started out as a general purpose commercial photographer. His early landscape and travel photography was accepted into Waite Charlie’s photo library, Landscape Only in 1986. Beginning 1986 until 1995 he was in charge of either all or the majority of the photography in more than 30 travel books. In 1990, his first job was the book “In Search of Neptune” which he did for the National Trust, and he has worked freelance on assignments for them ever since.

Cornish has photographed the landscape of North Yorkshire for more than 2 decades, while at the same time, he continues to photograph around the British Isles and abroad. He owns a gallery in Northallerton North Yorkshire called the Joe Cornish Gallery from where he hosts printing and photographic workshops and displays a permanent collection of his prints throughout the year. Amateur Photographer honored him in 2006 with their Power of Photography award, and just two years later, the Royal Photographic Society made him an honorary Fellow. He frequently lectures throughout the United Kingdom and abroad and his written work often appears in On Landscape, an online photography magazine.

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