Chris Simpson Wall Art

Chris Simpson (Born August, 1962) was born to an Australian father and a Bulgarian/Russian mother. Although educated in the United Kingdom, his family lived in Mauritius, where Simpson spent an average of 3 months every year. Travelling extensively and having originally established his career in fashion photography, he has worked as a location advertising photographer since 1991. He lives in East Sussex, England and has two sons, Fergus and Jack. He has been a professional photographer for over almost 30 years. He studied Photography and Art at Ealing School of Art, London. Simpson has sold a number of his fine art prints over the past 10 years and he regularly exhibits his personal works. He has received many awards including the prestigious Kate Greenaway award that he received in 1999.

Travelling a lot has provided him with a number of attractive scenes that he has captured. Simpson is a restless photographer who does not want any opportunity to pass without capturing. He’s therefore able to capture memorable moments and scenes that viewers are usually compelled to stop and take a second look. Many galleries and collectors have several pieces of his art. His art can also be found with many esteemed clients, including celebrities. They can be used to decorate any space; that’s why they are purchase by people from all age brackets and with diverse backgrounds. Currently, he is regarded as one of the best photographers in the United Kingdom. Simpson will always be found with his camera ready to shoot.

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