Richard Sisk Wall Art

Twenty three years ago, photographer Richard Sisk began a voyage to photograph the American landscape. He was armed with high-resolution panoramic cameras including the V-Pan 617 Mark III, Fuji G617, and more. Today he has added many devices to his stock – including the Seitz VR-Drive, an advanced panoramic device, and also many high resolution Canon digital cameras. His journey took him all around North America where he visited many historic sites and most of the magnificent cities. He learnt about many remarkable locations and people. For instance, he was able to travel to a remote section of the Oregon Trail. The people he met along the way have been the greatest source of inspiration throughout his work and travels. He met people from all walks of life and listened to their stories. He also visited the source of the Missouri River in Montana; he even reached down to taste the crystal clear, cold water, as Meriwether Lewis had done several years earlier.

Sisk provides services with an emphasis on panoramic images, high resolution, dynamic still photography, 4K cinematography, 360 degree Virtual Reality (VR) images, and professional sound mixing and recording. His services are in demand worldwide and his work has been licensed repeatedly by many of Fortune 500 companies and other high-profile organizations including: U.S. Department of State, American Express, United Airlines, Rand McNally, Outside Magazine,, Scientific American, Unified Color, National Geographic, etc. His specialties include: 4K Ultra High Definition and HD editing HDR, High definition digital cinematography, 4K Ultra High Definition cinematography, and High-resolution panoramic photography, among others.
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Brooklyn Bridge and New York City Skyline
Fine-Art Print
37" x 13"
Ships within 5-8 days
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