Albert Bierstadt Art Prints

Born in Germany and raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Albert Bierstadt's imposing, monumental canvases inspired a generation of American landscape painters. In 1853 he returned to Germany to study in Dusseldorf, where he refined his technical abilities by painting Alpine landscapes. After he returned to America in 1857, he joined an overland survey expedition which allowed him to travel westward across the country. Along the route, he took countless photographs and made sketches of the majestic mountain ranges and dramatic rock formations which became the studies for his massive canvases painted in his New York studio. The artist's rugged, romanticized landscapes of the West, painted on a grand scale with an abundance of detail and dramatic lighting, captured the imagination of 19th century art collectors and their interest catapulted Bierstadt to the top of the American art market. His paintings brought record prices and in his lifetime, Bierstadt enjoyed tremendous success and recognition.
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Rocky Mountain Landscape
Fine-Art Print
18" x 12"
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