Claudia Vera Wall Art

Claudia Vera grew up in Gardena, California but was born in Mexico City. She works primarily with video, sculpture and photography. She started working after she graduated in 2015 with a major in Art and a minor in the VAPAE. Her interest in art started at a young age. Her mother was her greatest influence. While she was growing up, she used to watch her undertake intricate craft projects and she always enjoyed arts and crafts while in primary school. Upon graduation from high school, she had the chance to travel widely and to teach art in different countries and communities across South America for several years. The experience was quite exciting and this is when she knew she wanted to teach art professionally. She’s currently living in Temple City and has an art program that she offers through VAPAE studio sessions. The young artists in her VAPAE studio sessions are exploring textile art in the MASA program.

They have managed to create beautiful works inspired by the MOLAS of the Panama people of Kuna. Furthermore, the students in her sessions have also done weaving, using different materials, and weaving through the use of straws and yarn. Claudia believes that art is a creative process that engages different forms of learning. She also takes photography seriously and is one of the best photographers in Mexico City. She’s produced some of the best images ever. The images are distributed through so many outlets all over the world. They are also available online.

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