Greg Singley Art Prints

The visual world of Greg Singley is filled with irises, lilies, and lush fields of sunlit flowers, recalling the exquisite gardens of Greensboro, Alabama, that he knew as a boy. He renders the flow of color and subtle shifts of sunlight with such sensitivity and affection that his technique has been said to rival the mastery of the late 19th-century French Impressionists. After studying business at an Alabama college, Singley enrolled in the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida. He graduated in 1976 with a degree in illustration and design. After working for a time in the South as a designer, he moved to the Southwest to pursue a career in illustration and fine art. In Arizona, Singley has exhibited at the John Douglas Cline Gallery in Phoenix, the Ratcliff Williams Gallery in Sedona and the Michael Collier Gallery in Scottsdale. He has also exhibited at galleries in California, Alabama, Florida and New Jersey.

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