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Contemporary Impressionist Bi Wei's (pronounced: be way) eloquent paintings capture the essence of her subjects with an exceptional sense of light and color, reminiscent of French Impressionist masters. In fact, her fascination with the French Impressionists inspired her to manipulate the subtleties of light and shadow, and she developed methods of using rich color to capture light in her work. Wei was born in Canton, China and received her formal art education at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art, one of only six art colleges in China. There she fulfilled her childhood dream of learning to paint from China's masters and renowned teachers. In 1982, Bi Wei moved to the United States to attend the Massachusetts College of Art and completed her Fine Arts degree in 1985. Since then she has had numerous solo exhibitions of her work at the J. Todd Gallery in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Her unique blend of Eastern and Western influences combines the elegant line and rich pattern of traditional Chinese painting with impressionistic subject matter.
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French Mediterranean
Fine-Art Print
36" x 26"
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