Mary G. Smith Wall Art

Canadian Artist Mary G. Smith produces works that reflect all the innocence and charm of children at play, the warmth of family life, and companion dogs. In her world, life is taken at a more leisurely pace. Viewers can enjoy a feast for their eyes as they wander through her virtual gallery, a place where ordinary life is elevated to extraordinary art through her loving brush strokes. Mary is an entirely self-taught artist. When her fourth child started school, she started painting with acrylics but only as a hobby. To her delight, Mary realized that people enjoyed her art so much that she began to show them publicly. In the process, she also found several galleries that eager to sell her paintings. Later on she branched out into limited edition cards, poster prints, and prints, all of which can be found throughout the U.S. and Canada.

However, her originals are now sold through Westmount Gallery in Toronto exclusively. Both acrylics and oils have become her medium of choice because of their versatility and her near future holds the possibility of venturing into being a collector figurines and plates. Dogs and children are a fascination for her in their every day mishaps, quirks and yes, even waywardness, and she loves to depict all of these on her canvas. Whatever her viewers’ interests are, whether they are children at play, hockey, still life, dogs, or simply beautiful vistas, they’re sure to find something to warm their heart and bring a smile to their faces.

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