John Banovich Art Prints

ike an expert film director, Banovich knows exactly what to include and what to eliminate in his paintings. He makes incredible use of space to effectively frame his subjects. Completely familiar with wildlife, he knows their environment and their behavior. He knows when to pull back to create mood and atmosphere and when to zoom in tight to establish presence. Born in Butte, Montana, and now living in the state of Washington, John Banovich has painted the drama of wildlife since he was ten years old. Lions were the first animals to capture his youthful imagination when he visited an attraction called Lion Country Safari. His admiration for the species deepened in the ensuing years, and he went on to study art and zoology at the University of Montana, followed by graphic design at the Art Institute of Seattle. The magic of the lion has continued to call to him, as has Africa, drawing him back to that continent many times. "Seeing Africa", says Banovich, "brings you back to the basic design of a human being - spiritually, emotionally - however you describe it, you become more alive." With acrylics and oils, Banovich creates memorable scenes from the dramas that play themselves out daily in the natural world, just as they have for millions of years. The artist was named America's Southeastern Wildlife Art Exposition's 1998 Artist of the Year. His work is featured in the book, The Best of Wildlife Painting (North Light Books, 1997).

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