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My central focus in painting is the effect of light on color. This concept was pioneered by the French and American Impressionists and expanded further by Charles Hawthorne and Henry Hensche at the Cape Cod School of Art in Massachusetts. Born and educated in Germany, I painted exclusively with oil medium, and was initially schooled in the traditional methods of the old masters. However, I felt that something was missing with that style and that there had to be more, especially in the rendition of color. My search for the completeness of expression, which emphasizes the full-color spectrum, led me to study at the School of Light and Color in California and with Lois Griffel at the Cape Cod School of Art in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Justina is an award-winning artist whose work is enjoyed by many international collectors, in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Her work is also available through various domestic galleries including the California Collector's Gallery in Kentfield, California, the Z Forrest Galley in Tubac, Arizona and at the Garofolo and Osborne Gallery in Avon, Connecticut. She has recently completed a very successful exhibition at the renowned Sausalito Art Festival. Her most recent national award was received at the Light and Color National Exhibit in Colorado. Her paintings are featured in the most recent edition of Sharon O'Connor's series, Menus and Music, integrating food music, and art. Her work may be viewed by appointment at her studio located on the Sonoma Coast in Northern California. "Inspired by Impressionism, I am a painter of the light and its enchantments. With light as the subject, I explore the full spectrum of color which permeates every object and scene." -Justina Selinger
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Behind Berry Bushes
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24" x 19"
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