Ned Young Wall Art

Ned Young (Born 1873) was born in Vermont in a small town. As a boy Young liked to draw cartoons and he also took up woodworking as a hobby. Apart from the artwork, he also played the coronet in the town band but after rupturing his lung he abandoned the horn. At the age of seventeen he was also considered a musical phenomenon and he went to Boston where he became a professional violinist. While in northern New England playing in orchestras at resort hotels, he met his wife-to-be, and taught her to play the cello. The couple eventually took up residence in St. Johnsbury and formed their own string assembly. While in St. Johnsbury, Young taught music at an academy. He also continued woodworking, producing elaborate and accomplished pieces of art. At some point he became an antique dealer and gave up the violin.

He expertly repaired pieces with missing or broken parts. Beginning 1898 he produced carvings in sets from roots found on the banks of a nearby river he did this up to 1917. He was also an accomplished painter and his ability to give his viewers captivating scenes goes over and above carefully crafted combinations of patterns, shapes, and textures light -his paintings radiate emotions. He said that he had to be emotionally connected to a circumstance before the creative process could begin. Adding that it’s only then that the painting really sings - the reason for painting doesn't exist without that personal connection and without the reason, art would not be an extension or a sharing of himself.

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