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David Bowman founded Design Turnpike as a platform through which he creates and sells art. Bowman got fascinated with car license plates from a tender age and started making collections of them. It’s his collections and his travels that triggered in him a desire to fully understand their unique sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. His urge to learn more was strengthened by the many travels he took in different U.S. states such as Colorado, Florida, South Dakota, Arkansas, New Mexico, and more. Bowman’s visit to Canada also made it clear that the uniqueness in the plates is indeed brought about by the personalities behind their creation, their level of creativity, and their color choice. The different designs in these states made it clear to him that license plates aren’t just a form of identifying vehicles, but beautiful artwork pieces that are created with much thought. Interestingly, just like every person who travels a lot is exposed to maps, Bowman was indeed exposed to several different ones, also delivered in their unique ways. This inspired him to start creating maps alongside his license plate collections and design. The trips he made also gave him a good understanding and attachment to photography, inspiring him further to create license plates as represented in different geographical locations. Just to show how much he cares about license plates, the one that was installed in his first car, which he owned in 1998, is in his collections. Bowman has a studio in the city of Detroit, Michigan, which is a definitive center for automobiles manufacturing. He has working relationships with a number of galleries through which he sells his art. Bowman also avails his art directly through Design Turnpike and his website where interested persons can get license plate art and maps.
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Michigan Blue License Plate Map
Fine-Art Print
30" x 30"
Ships within 5-7 days
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