Paolo Farinati Wall Art

Paolo Farinati (Born in 1524) is one of the most significant artists who worked in Verona in the 16th century. He was an active as a sculptor, architect, printmaker and painter. He is thought to have studied with Niccolò Giolfino. Farinati was the pupil and son of a painter. A chronology of his career as an artist is relatively simple to establish; though only a few documents for his life survive. This is because many of his surviving paintings are dated, and also because he recorded his commissions from 1573 until his death in an account book that survives today. He worked as an artist for many years and had a huge following of fans who were always on the lookout for his new pieces of art. He still has quite a number of fans to date and their number is ever increasing. His art is highly priced by many collectors and are stocked in large numbers because they are in great demand.

Farinati promoted his art by producing them in a variety of finishing options to cater for the varying needs of his clients. That’s why even today, his art still looks fresh and in agreement with the modern trend. Throughout his mature career, His style remained fairly constant. He spent much of his time carrying out painting works for churches in Verona. He also did frescoes for palaces and villas in the city and the surrounding countryside. Farinati painted more than fifteen facade decorations for palaces in Verona. Unfortunately, almost all of these have been destroyed by the effects of pollution and exposure. By the last quarter of the 16th century he was heading an active and large workshop.
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