Michael Chen Wall Art

Michael Chen was born in Malaysia and raised in Australia, but he presently works and lives in New York with his family. He’s an Award winning photographer and Magnum Photographer. Chen developed an inclination for the adventurous life at an early age. He had an extraordinary fortune to be appointed as the photographer for the government of Malaysia. His exhibition at the United Nations 2002 (New York headquarters) titled “Without Boundaries” brought another dimension to his calling. Chen worked with foundations, educational institutions and museums. He constantly challenges himself to reach new heights. For more than 25 years, Chen has documented in over 40 countries on 6 continents. He views the world through his lens looking for the places, cultures and people that time forgot. Since 1992, he’s been working as a Location Scout and Manager for Hollywood Movie and Television Commercials. Chen also teaches photography workshops on the photo-essay and travel photography in Indonesia, Malaysia, New York and Burma.

In his pursuit of perfection in his work, he says that he has to practice patience and discipline to catch the ‘perfect’ moment. His philosophy toward his work is to love his work and to give the best - the interplay of structures, shadows, colors and natural light must be at its best. If a composition of his subject touches his heart, then he can consider it as a beautiful outcome. Additionally, he strives for his images to possess a dynamic energy that animates the audience. He says that no architecture, scenery, or landscape is ordinary if it provokes a reaction from the viewer.
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Gapstow Bridge, Fall
Fine-Art Print
24" x 16"
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