Noam Cohen Wall Art

Born in Israel, artist Noam Cohen (Born in 1973) holds a B.F.A. from The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Jerusalem. She graduated from The Department of Photography. Her training she received from the academy continues to influence her art to date. Today she works as a freelance photographer and is very impatient. After her graduation, she continued to study and explore the world of art. She took a dubbing course, AVID digital-editing course, and an acting course. This multitalented artist is producing stunning pieces of artwork that have found their way into many prestigious buildings around the world. She has decided to use her talent and training in various fields. She has worked as dubbing actress, a video editor, and has also done continuity for films, illustration, story boards, and animation. Noam has also directed two music video clips.

Barely 8 years after her graduation, was her work shown in the Heimtex exhibition in Frankfurt for the first time. The show was quite successful and several others have followed since. Noam took a two-year script-writing study in Jerusalem in The “Sem-Shpigel” Film & Television School from 2001 to 2002. Currently, she mostly focuses in textile design. Noam travels a lot, and that’s where she sometimes gets inspiration for her work. For instance, at one point she decided to go and look for stories out of her home country and she ended up spending a year in London and another year in Rome. She went back to Israel with a load of experience. She has created a portfolio of art based on a variety of themes.
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Floating Leaves
Fine-Art Print
11" x 14"
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