Framed Charles Clyde Ebbets Art

Charles Clyde Ebbets (18 August, 1905 - 14 July, 1978) remains one of the most iconic photographers in US history. His works remain core to the preservation of American past due to his daring personality, consistency, and the quality of his works. Ebbets recorded some of the things and scenes that many photographers wouldn’t dare. His diverse skills took him from sports to flying thus helping to diversify his works. Ebbets became known for his notoriety and adventure at a young age. This inspired him into photography, having acquired a camera when he was only 8 years old. When his family was financially doing badly around 1920, he quit school in 10th grade and set out to make money using his camera, leaving his home in Gadsden, Alabama, to Montgomery, Alabama. That marked the beginning of his successful career. Ebbets eventually got involved in wrestling, auto racing, and hunting. He also became a licensed pilot. All these experiences added to his treasure of knowledge that would influence his photography. While serving as a pilot, Ebbets dared take pictures while aboard his aircraft, capturing images never captured before him. 1930s saw him register a lot of success, serving as a freelance photographer. He worked with the Associated Press, Miami Daily News, Jack Dempsey, among other respected organizations. His works were also featured in the New York Times among other publications. When there were no established road networks, Ebbets was among the first to successfully cross Tamiami Trail. As for him, it wasn’t just about crossing, but also documenting the trip in photos. He was also the artist charged with the pictorial documentation of the construction of the Rockefeller Center, the period within which he captured his famous Lunchtime Atop a Skyscraper. His works form a core part of the images displayed at the Everglades National Park. They are also found in museums and galleries across the globe.
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