Angellini Wall Art

Angelini is an artist who grew up in New England. Her strong passion for crayons, harbor towns and the ocean has translated into a career and these were her favorite things. In her late teens, she moved to Florida for a winter vacation. He she worked as a glass blower and soon met the man who later became her husband. While there, Angelini also worked for a prominent artist of West Palm Beach as a studio assistant. An extreme change took place in her life in 1981. The artist together with her husband decided to settle in Alaska where they lived the frontier dream. The couple lived off the land, started their family after building a cabin. Raising children, working jobs and building their home took precedence.

For a while, she put art on hold. After residing in Alaska (Wasilla) for over 3 decades and having her children all grown up, she began taking local watercolor classes. It was a great success and she moved on to study under contemporary masters such as Dean Larson, David Gallup, Kevin McPherson, and others. Angelini never had any formal education, and she continues to take workshops and travel to always keep pushing so as to take her art to the next level. She like standing in front of any painting that makes her just stop and stand in awe. She appreciates the works of other artists because she’s open to learning. She’s also a regular visitor of art museums, galleries and exhibitions to learn from other artists.

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