Carlo Biscaretti Wall Art

Carlo Biscaretti (1879 - 1959) was born in Torino. He was known for his works as journalist, artist, an automobile enthusiast and industrial designer. He was the son of a local senator, Roberto, who was involved in the establishment of Fiat in 1899. In 1896, Biscaretti assisted in the first Italian automobile race, and in the same year he started the "Automobile club di Torino" and became its president from 1898 to 1948. Biscaretti acquired the first driver’s license in town. Biscaretti got a law degree in 1904, and after graduation he worked for "Filiale di Fabbre e Gagliardi" in Genova in a bicycle accessory shop. After working for awhile, he moved to Rome to run the offices of Carrozzeria Alessio.

He finally decided to go back to his home town and established a studio in Torino called "Studio Tecnico Carlo Biscaretti." He was involved in the illustration of the early vehicles of the Itala 51 model. Biscaretti was also involved in the Salone dell'automobile di Torino. In 1911, he designed the Lancia logo and wrote for several motoring journals. Vincenzo Lancia was once sent to help Biscaretti with a Mercedes Benz that he owned. When the two met in February 1899 they struck a rapport and Biscarettiwas to become important in Lancia's later career. Biscaretti was credited with the design of the now familiar Lancia logo. He pushed hard and by more remarkable works of the same type, he established uncontestable claims, and won the notice of many clients. He also exhibited with much success and this popularized his work.
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