Kris Taylor Wall Art

Kris Taylor worked for many companies for many years before he decided to become an independent artist. He says he enjoys being independent and regards it as one of the best things that has happened in his life. Taylor learnt to verbalize art while he was teaching drawing, etching and oil painting at Shippensburg University, Pa. Taylor used to have a burning desire to be “famous and rich”, but as years went by, he realized that the real reward comes from just having the time to create exactly what he wants to work on at the time that he wants, and also to meet the people who enjoy his creations and help him pay for the supplies to keep him creating. Each job he picks adds tremendously to his knowledge and skills.

Taylor worked as the Textile Artist and Art Director at Hoffman Mills, Pa., where he learned to create a repeating pattern and designed upholstery fabric. For some time, he created hand painted wooden pins, which sold nationally in boutiques and art museums. From his patterns on the pins, he developed a signature line of quilting fabrics. His art has found its way into many shows, exhibitions and museums. They are highly priced by many discriminating collectors who have realized that they are in great demand. His art got a lot of exposure that made them to penetrate to almost all corners of the world. His work can be seen in Hotel lobbies, in stores like Crate and Barrel and all over the internet.
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Golden Tuscany Afternoon II
Fine-Art Print
36" x 27"
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