Suzanne Hoefler Wall Art

Suzanne Hoefler has a remarkable artistic talent that enables her to translate her feelings into intimate images that appeal to the imagination of the viewers and delight their eyes. Suzanne draws the viewer into her artwork to see what is beyond the window, and then she goes ahead to add something from the imagination of each viewer. Her paintings give a feeling of snooping on a garden scene, a still pond, or a peaceful room. She enjoys painting a time of serenity, a beautiful moment; yet at the same time her work is exciting and alive through her vibrant use of color. She says that when someone tells her that her paintings are what they want to see and they want to feel... she knows she’s succeeded.

The artist has been greatly influenced by the works of Bonnard, Matisse, Sorolla, Porter and Fairfield. As a native of California, Suzanne now having a ranch in Montana, the artist’s love of light and shadow has led her to the use of still life settings on table top in front of the windows to make the most of the strong sun light of her home states. She turned to painting after she retired as a model to raise her first daughter. Suzanne’s work has been so successful that it has been exhibited all over America and she has won numerous awards in many group shows. Her works of art are on display in many galleries and they hang on the walls on many prestigious homes around the world.

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