Deb Collins Wall Art

Deb Collins had a successful career in graphic design before meeting the man who would change her life forever. This man is her new husband, Russ who owns an art gallery. This unleashed her desire to paint and the discovery of her life’s work. She submerged herself in art production and produced a body of work which includes thousands of original works, more than 500 print images, and a collection of licensed products. Deb has been painting professionally since 1988. Her works include acrylic, gouache and watercolor with reproductions captured on both canvas and rag paper. Through the efforts of distributors and publishers, her work appears in private collections and galleries throughout the world. She happily leaves all that to them while she keeps herself busy painting in the little corner she has set aside for herself in the Signature Gallery. Deb can be found there most days.

In college, she majored in Advertising Arts, and after graduation she worked her way through jobs in cable television, radio, printing and newspaper before she finally found satisfaction in a position as head artist at an advertising agency. In a different company, she later worked as a graphic artist. This was an interior design firm and it was from there that watercolor became significant part of her work. The artist explores the dynamic world of nature in her paintings. She says that when viewing a scene, two moments will never be exactly the same. She wonders how one would ever become bored if they allow Mother Nature to be their project planner.
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Hatfield House
Fine-Art Print
38" x 22"
Ships within 15-17 days
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