Elaine Vollherbst-Lane Wall Art

Elaine Vollherbst-Lane is an American fine art artist with over 30 years of experience in art and design. She’s known for her mastery of color and design, something that has seen her get numerous jobs by different companies. Elaine joined Galaxy of Graphics in 1983 and stayed with the company till 2014. What has made her successful in the art industry is her ability to follow up trends and transform her artwork pieces to conform to the most popular styles at any given time. Besides working with Galaxy of Graphics, she has also worked with a host of other companies such as Art In Motion, Art Lore Furniture Gallery, Karl Mann Studio, just to mention a few. At the same time, Elaine has secured a number of freelance contracts that have enabled her expand her artistic knowledge over the years. She went to the School of Visual Arts in Greater New York City area where she earned a bachelor's degree of fine arts.

Her works have been used for the production of different products and are sold through various platforms. Some of the products that have been made using her artwork are pillows, planters, and more. She is known for her paintings of flowers, walls, and animals that are done using old style art. She worked in the art industry for several years, enabling her to stay close to her family as she worked from home. Some of her works have been displayed by a number of collections. Elaine has also developed a good rapport with several stores, fashion industry players, and more.

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