Davey Allan Wall Art

Allan Davey is a Photographer, Digital Artist, and Retoucher, specializing in commercial photography, professional retouching and digital compositing. He graduated from Fanshaw in 1993. From an early age he’s enjoyed photography and he’s also enjoyed painting and drawing. When he was introduced to Photoshop he realized he could bring together the worlds of photography and digital art in a way he didn’t previously know was possible. For him, the experience of photography lives in two very different and separate worlds. He thrives on experiencing the combination of an intriguing story, an incredible location, and beautiful light, colliding in a moment in time. Allan has this innate desire and curiosity to capture the world as he sees it. All of it unfolding in a beautiful composition that seems miraculously aligned for his vantage point. Since Allan embraced Photoshop he has never looked back.

Being a quick learner provided him plenty of opportunity and he quickly found himself working with many of the top agencies for many iconic brands of the world. He’s now a member of the advisory committee for the School of Contemporary Media at Fanshawe College where he first tasted the technology that would define his career. Allan’s Fine art photography has been sold worldwide and has won awards internationally. His commercial work has been reproduced in Luerzer’s Archive, PRINT, PDN, Graphis, and Applied Arts, and has garnered many international awards. The product brochures that he created for the Cessna airplane company won 6 times under the best of division nationally in the USA BMA awards.

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