Valery Hache Wall Art

Valery Hache is a photographer in Nice, France. Her photos are regularly published in many newspapers and magazines. Doing what she likes has made her to be very successful, and her works are now in many homes and businesses and has been exhibited in galleries all over the world. Her art are distributed though many channels, including online and physical store, and there are many finishing options that clients can choose from. Her art is not only meant for hanging on the wall, but they are also meant to inspire those who view them. She feels that it is a blessing to be an artist because she uses her art to communicate her feelings to her viewers. From behind the lens of her camera she managed to produce powerful photos the French news agency AFP sent around the world.

Today, her works still stand out among the works of other artists, and in most cases they are the center of attraction wherever they are hanged. She has developed a unique process that she uses to produce highly textural works with colors that help convey her inner feelings about her subject matter. This has made her art to find their way into many museums, galleries, institutions and homes. She particularly loves the mediums, endless styles and stories hidden in art. Most of her art training came through travel and visiting museums and galleries throughout France. She’s inspired by the direct confrontation with her subjects and strives to ensure that her prints are as realistic as possible.

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