Robert Duff Wall Art

Robert Duff grew up at the head of Herman Melville's Acushnet River. He has had a 40-year career that has brought a unique vision and maturity to his work. Duff is a native of South Eastern Massachusetts. He had an ideal childhood including long summer days that he spent exploring the shores of Acushnet River and roaming the fields of the local farms. His childhood experiences left him with a deep appreciation for the beauty of New England. The memories of his childhood, perhaps larger than life, are the catalyst for many of his paintings. He strives to bring the viewer to where he has been. Accomplished as both a still life and landscape painter, Duff developed his techniques from extensive studies of the astonishing works of Hudson River School Artists of the 19th century.

His lifelong dedication to art was born in an instant when as a young man. He visited the New Bedford Whaling Museum's collection and saw an exhibit of Hudson River School paintings. Huge canvasses of river and mountain vistas, which captured the early morning or evening light air, took his breath away. His life was changed! Often called a modern luminist, his work shows an acute understanding of color and light. Duff and his wife Debra work directly with their clients. This collaborative style is rewarding, and has resulted in the acquisition of his works for corporate and private collections worldwide. Duff says that with all the stress of everyday life people want to see paintings of beautiful places. That’s why he chooses to paint the beauty around him. It is what he loves to do.

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