Anna Flores Wall Art

Anna Flores (Born in 1969) was born in Duisburg. She loved art from his childhood. In fact at that young age, she was already drawing very beautiful images. Anna could always fill her free time by drawing on any surface that was available using any material she could lay her hands on. She knew that one day he would become a professional artist. She trained as a shop display designer, and after the training she opened an art gallery that she operated for 7 years, until 1998 when she established herself as a self-employed artist. She successfully combines soft, floral images with static elements. To create her work, she uses hand screen printing, painting, and graphics. Through her work as a gallery owner Anna has a liking for the zeitgeist and incorporates this in her work.

The artist wants to make art that is representational, more accessible, and less abstract. And it pays off – she’s one of today’s most sought after young artists in Duisburg. This screen-printing artist dazzles her viewers with her multilayered works. With her chosen technique, she creates fresh images and combinations – sometimes more subtle, sometimes colorful. She likes to add quotes of renowned writers in her works - these can be found hidden in her art. She makes things simple, believing that complicating art may make the intended message to the viewer to be lost. She lets the elements of art combine in the head and interact with the history each viewer brings to the table.

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