Joadoor Wall Art

The artist name Joadoor was coined by two artists Hans-Jochem Bakker and Ger Doornink. They use the name as a label to their work. These Dutch artists are photographers, painters and conceptual artists. They work in a Neo-Classical style that covers works of various themes, and the images they create are those from medieval Gothic traditions, traditional Chinese and classical Roman. Together, the artists explore classical and ancient art styles and develop contemporary, new images that are distinctively theirs. Their paintings show vivid cultures and a mystical world, which displays their adeptness at mixing methods and medium. The elegant cultures and rich colors that Joadoor bring to their photographs and paintings set them apart as Contemporary artists. These are reflected in their works which are an inspirational mix of Roman, Oriental, African and Egyptian design.

Wildlife animals and florals are another area of their expertise and more recently these versatile artists have developed a very different and new contemporary ‘lounge’ style. Hans-Jochem Bakker and Ger Doornink are keen to detail and this has enabled them to capture very memorable scenes and moments. The choice of the subject matter is such as to endear their viewers to their art. They have great admiration for nature and are careful when it comes to choosing their subjects. This makes them to capture a wide variety of images that are all attractive. After a busy life in the cities of Tokyo and Milan, Joadoor has now moved back to the Netherlands and they have established a large studio in the cultural heart of Amsterdam.

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