Don Stambler Wall Art

Don Stambler has been working as an artist for more than 40 years. While much of his recent works are available, most of his earlier works are intended for historical reference, and are therefore no longer available. On his website, the paintings are generally displayed from the most recent towards earlier work. The images shown are a representative cross-section of his work. Over the years Stambler has undergone many transitions with his art. But the most dramatic change came in 2005 when he changed to creating abstract compositions from depicting realistic images. He’s primarily an oil painter, although he works in other mediums occasionally. He credits his career to her dear Aunt Libby (long-departed), who taught him how to paint in oil when he was four years old. Like her, he has painted his way through life. The earliest painting displayed on his site dates from 1976 – that’s 3 three years after he graduated from art school.

The artwork on the site was completed after 1980, with the exception of a couple of paintings. During those early years as an artist when he moved from California to New Mexico his primary goal was to establish a meaningful and clear direction for his art. His works visually document the winding path he took on his constantly evolving vision quest. His art is in both private and public collections. The private collections include those of Emilio Estevez, Dwight Yoakam, Penny Marshall, Doug West, Judge Reinhold, Charlie Sheen, Dolona Roberts and John Nieto. Some of the public collections include Albuquerque Museum, Fine Arts Museum of New Mexico, Columbia Pictures, St. Vincent Hospital, and Universal Studios.

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