Clemente Micarelli Wall Art

Clement Micarelli is a multifaceted artist. The Pratt Institute graduate is a jewelry designer, a fashion illustrator and a story illustrator. His play of light and dark and subtle tones deliver a depth and mood to his subject matter that pulls the viewer to stop and take a longer look. For his paintings, the artist works mainly in pastels and oils with his favorite subject matter being people in their everyday lives. He says that he likes to convey people’s moods and how they reveal their character. He also likes to paint portraits and places. He hopes the viewer can find a way to relate to the character of the people in his work. Micarelli passion for art began at a very early age and was notice by many who encouraged him to pursue art as a career. He received support from family and friends in his early works in art.

Today, his art has found its way into many prestigious buildings around the world. He has a wide base of fans who always keeps him busy. He knew that if he wanted to ever be a successful artist he would need to practice a lot and that’s exactly what he did. Once he started working seriously in art he started getting commissions and freelance work on a regular basis. His art has been exhibited in many leading shows and they can be seen in many galleries the world over. Micarelli has always had great sell-through with his products and has spent a lot of time studying trends so that he can effectively satisfy his clients’ needs.

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