Robin Anderson Wall Art

Robin Anderson was always an admirer of oil paintings. She had a strong feeling that she would become an artist so she decided to study the medium at the Palo Alto Cultural Center with Jim Smyth. While studying, Robin discovered that oil paints were the perfect medium for her floral paintings. They are easy to work with and are versatile enough to accommodate all her creative imaginations. Her detailed and exquisite oil paintings have been featured in American Artist Magazine and have sold well in leading galleries. In the course of her work at the early age of six, Robin discovered that she was a gifted artist when her mother gave her some paper and a pencil. To her mother’s astonishment, Robin drew a detailed sketch of a little girl waiting for a train, instead of producing a page full of scribbles. Later in life, she decided to formally study her craft at Moorpark Jr. College in California.

Here, she studied acrylic and watercolor painting, and later she studied at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. During all this study time, her art always marveled her teachers and peers. After her schooling, she began her artistic career by painting commissioned watercolor portraits and eventually shifted her focus to the field of architectural illustration which she considered to be more stable. Robins work stands out from the works of other artists because they are easy to recognize. She combines her academic background with her passion for the arts to produce works that are both attractive and inspiring.

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