Connie Bryson Wall Art

As a young child, Connie Bryson used to sketch animated characters while watching cartoons. She was raised in Southern California. Around the age of 9 Connie visited a family friend who had a painting of ‘Blue Boy’ on their living room wall. The image was very attractive and she got lost in it, studying every color, stroke and it’s "realness." Since then, she knew she wanted to paint and painting became her passion. She feels a void when she takes breaks from her work; painting is such an integral part of her life. Connie says that nothing is more exciting then to create a canvas with oils, adding that she loves the brush strokes, the vast variety of subject matters and the colors. She particularly loves the endless stories hidden in art, styles and mediums. Connie is known to be a prolific painter. She goes to her art studio every morning and paints till the night.

She then heads home to cook dinner for her wonderful husband or goes to the gym. Most of her art training came through travel and visiting every gallery and museum possible throughout Europe. Connie’s favorites were in Amsterdam, London and Paris. She painted in the museums and in the streets. To the artist this was the best way to learn to paint. She has a feeling that her work communicates warmth and peace to her viewers. She takes a simple subject, and then strives to bring forth its beauty and make it interesting. She has received many compliments from critics and viewers about the expressions she portrays in the eyes of her figurative paintings.

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