Diane Ethier Wall Art

Diane Ethier (Born in 1944) was born in Canada. Her first works were in cloth and she created them at the time she was studying textile art at the Centre des Arts visuels de Montreal. Her reputation has spread throughout Europe, United States and Canada. This is because her works are reproduced. With a humoristic and often an ingenuous eye, she succeeds in depicting the vast cosmos of her characters that are often young. Sometimes, a scene takes shape and continues along short collections of 2 to 3 works. She takes great care and pride in producing pieces of art of the highest quality possible, using high quality materials that are designed to last a lifetime. With her style of painting, Diane’s pieces of art look very realistic. Her aim is to let her viewers experience the same joy she felt while working on her art.

She likes to travel a lot and her inspiration comes from these travels – the people she meets and the places she visits. Diane has received a number of commissions from many esteemed clients and her works have been bought by some of the most prestigious collectors in the world. She carefully chooses what truly inspires her and turns it into special prints for her clients. She chooses subjects that viewers can easily relate to, and all her pieces of art are carefully designed by her with a near-fanatical attention to detail. Her keenness to detail has earned her reputation among her fellow artists, and even among art students and art teachers.

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