Kathy Jennings Wall Art

Kathy Jennings is an artist based in Fairfield, VA - United States. She says that Photography is a way of touching, of feeling, and of loving. What an artist has caught on film is captured forever. The photo helps in remembering little things, long after everything else has been forgotten. Being a self-taught photographer, Kathy feels that she’s advantaged since she’s not restricted to any style or technique. She has the freedom to choose what she feels best suits every shot or situation. She was born and raised in a small town in Virginia. She says that he family is incredibly important to her and her work and it’s pretty safe to say that her world revolves around her family - that close knit group of people who offer her constant encouragement and support.

The camera is her companion wherever she goes and Photography is her passion. She takes advantage of the beautiful scenes surrounding her and there isn’t a moment that Kathy can go by when she is not planning her next shot. Her unique style focuses on creating artwork from simple photographs using textures and different digital enhancements. This technique creates a certain mood in her work. Her love of vintage art often surfaces in her work. However, she enjoys all facets of art and covers a wide variety of subjects from country living and old barns, to landscapes and floral art. Kathy thrives on the challenges and loves to experiment with photographs, and she feels much satisfaction when she achieves the feel and look of the photograph she wants.

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