Kenneth Gregg Wall Art

Kenneth Gregg (Born in 1947) was born in Los Angeles, California. He loved art from a tender age, and at the age of 10 years, his parents bought him a box Brownie camera. Just within one year, Gregg had built a darkroom in the home basement. In the darkroom he was developing and printing his own black-and-white images. The young photographer then became photo-editor of his high school yearbook and newspaper. In 1969, after graduating from UC Berkeley, he traveled worldwide for ten years as the catalogue photographer for The North Face outdoor equipment company. After leaving The North Face Company, he turned his artistic eyes toward pictorial photography of old California. He also published books on the Santa Ynez Valley and on Santa Barbara. Many corporations have purchased his artwork for their collections.

Gregg’s artwork has also been used extensively for calendars, promotional brochures, book covers, greeting cards, and award-winning wine labels. His style is painterly; he uses a minimum of digital manipulation to create contemplative and sensitive images that are well-suited for both residential and hospitality decor. In 1991, Gregg began selling his art to luxury restaurants and hotels for permanent decor. Gregg grew up in such a beautiful area that he just found himself enjoying how peaceful and calm nature is and the beauty that surrounded him. The photographer strives to capture the locations and highlight the natural beauty of the location so his viewers can feel like they are part of the photo and feel like they were right there beside him when he was taking the photo.

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