Judeen Wall Art

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Judeen has lived most of her life in South Florida. Her artistic talents were discovered by her tenth grade teacher who then encouraged her to pursue art as a career. She credits the path she has chosen to that teacher. Judeen holds a degree in Advertising Design attended from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She began painting in 1998. Before then she though herself as an illustrator. She now enjoys the freedom that painting gives her. She likes to explore different techniques and mediums and considers this a great learning process. She’s versatile in many different artistic imagery and styles, allowing her to improve and grow her skills as an artist. Judeen believes her talent is a gift from God, allowing her do what she loves. Judeen describes her style as very free and bold.

She makes her paintings come alive by using unusual texture, color palettes and contrast. When she’s is not busy creating, she satisfies her diverse tastes in film, good television, music, books and art. She is happiest when creating art in a variety of styles. Judeen has an obsession with color and has spent her life immersed in it. To Judeem painting is a never-ending cycle of life. It is her passion, it is what she loves the most, and it is what makes her what she is - a reputable woman in South Florida. Judeen has been painting for several years and has many originally hand-painted pieces of artwork to her name.

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