Marla Baggetta Wall Art

Marla Baggetta is an artist whose works are nationally acclaimed. She's a graduate of the Art Center College of design located in Pasadena, California. Before going into painting, Marla started her artistic journey as an illustrator, working in the discipline for 25 years. She moved to Oregon in 1993 where she was fascinated by the beauty she witnessed in Willamette Valley, inspiring her to start painting the amazing landscapes. To get the best of her paintings, Marla found a cleverly combination of abstract and realism style in a manner that best shows calm and a sense of balance. As a result of her creativity, she's appeared in a number of publications, including Pastel Journal, Sketchbook Confidential II and Pure Color: The Best of Pastel. Her artistic life doesn't only involve painting, but also includes workshops conducted in diverse locations across the U.S. and she's also involved in art shows as a jury. Marla is a reputable workshop instructor who's respected for her ability to help her students develop their unique painting styles, doing so through a combination of her formal artistic training and her years of experience. She believes that by a student understanding the fundamentals of painting and combining it with their personal touch makes the creation of art a unique process and a satisfying moment. Besides being featured in publications, she's also contributed to a number of publications, including Pastel Journal. Marla is an IAPS Master Circle Recipient and is a signature PSA member. Her artistic works are found in galleries and collections globally and are sold in diverse finishing options, including framed, laminated and canvas.

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