Leland Beaman Wall Art

Leland Beaman (Born 1933) was born in Jackson, Michigan. He is known for his paintings of animals, portraits, wild fowl, western genre, and landscapes. He is also known for his murals and posters. At 82, he continues to paint every day; almost compulsively. Beaman says it’s a compulsion that one could say is a flaw in his character. He tends to see everything in terms of metaphor and light and shadow. That’s the way he experiences the world. If he doesn’t paint, he feels like he’s not relating to the world. That compulsion has added up to a prolific career. He enrolled in an art correspondence course as a teenager, and since then he has produced paintings that run into thousands.

He worked at illustration studios in New York and Chicago before returning to Jackson to raise a family and open his own studio and gallery, Stone Village Studio. Some of his paintings were bought by such celebrities as Sen. John McCain and Vincent Price. Beaman is responsible for the bronze sculpture outside the Intermediate School District headquarters and the mural inside Jackson's historic train station. His work can also be found in the collections of the many residents of Jackson who watched his development as one of the most prominent artists in the city until he moved to Arizona in 1984. A lot of people in the community have followed him, and collectors are really excited to see what he's been doing in the last few years. Beaman hopes his paintings will contribute to the discovery, joy, and appreciation of our surroundings.

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