John Kime Wall Art

John Kime (Born in 1967) was born in Phoenix, Arizona. He has lived in the desert Southwest all of his life. It was at Phoenix Art Press that Kime began painting as a hobby. During 10 years with the press, he worked in all aspects of frame design and marketing. He started as executive assistant to the company president and moved through exhibition design and marketing to become the exhibitions director of the company. Kime initiated their show procedures and set up exhibitions in Los Angeles, Tokyo, New York, and Hong Kong, as well as the world design market at High Point, North Carolina. Working closely with other artists and being surrounded by art, made his own vision to begin to emerge, and gave him the support and desire to develop his own visual language.

Once in awhile, he still paints under the name Zak Gibson, his creative alter ego. His love of the desert is obvious in his mixed media art works and painting. Kime’s work is clearly influenced by the shapes, colors and textures of the landscape around him. In his paintings, he wants to break the barrier between sculpture and painting. He has always found himself drawn to three-dimensional art and sculpture. He forms a vision of the third dimension through the use of color and texture. He prefers to work in mixed media because it gives him the ability to incorporate various elements that give his posters, prints and art complex compositions and a unique texture.

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