Darrin Hoover Wall Art

Artist Darrin Hoover loved art from an early age. He usually works with acrylic paint on canvas because she loves its bright colors, fast drying time, and the transparent and opaque qualities. Acrylic helps him to express his inner optimism and spontaneity. The artist is blessed with the ability to paint emotionally powerful images that not only strengthen one's faith but also touch one's heart. He received a B.F.A. from Kent State University and studied art at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Hoover’s work has been recognized by the New York Society of Illustrators and has been published in national periodicals. Once his canvas is intact, Hoover turns to artistic touches. He uses a sketchbook and black pen and puts his visions to paper, drawing dozens of ideas, from renderings to small details. His technique has allowed him to clearly imagine the possibilities of the space he’s painting on.

Hoover is a professional artist whose work is loved by many collectors some of whom have remarked that he captures the essence of his subject. He loves his work and hopes it speaks to his audience as much as it speaks to him. Hoover explores his creativity and learns new techniques and styles to help improve his work. He paints automatic and intuitively. His art has been to many exhibitions where it has received positive criticism. His art can be found in many galleries and institutions all over the world. Hoover has several pieces of artwork. He paints them in a bold style that makes them very attractive.

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